SJ Proxema, SJ Kidzin, and SJ Rookzero reunited to play in the 2021 ThreeV3 tournament. Their team ended up with a record of 8-1 through the round robin. The event was a round robin against 8 other teams. It was held on 13 and 20 November. Congratulations to the team. Stay tuned for any updates.


Video Coverage:

SJ matches can be found in the bookmarks sections of the following videos.

Weekend One

Weekend Two

The SJ Council will meet later this month. Date is still being decied. duelist will be hosting the annual CM Anniversary Event on Saturday August 21 and 28. Connect to teamspeak to participate. More information may be coming. Have a great summer SJ.

SJ Architect has led a team of SJ Joey and SJ Kidzin in the ThreeV3 tournament the past four weekends. Follow their progress here and here . Videos containing their battles are found from the first weekend here , here , and here . The second weekend videos are here . The third weekend is found here . This coming weekend will be live streamed and recorded. Good luck to the team!

Here is a 50 minute audio only video discussing the upcoming ThreeV3.

SJ Galaxy Commander Proxema had a tradition to challenge new members to assess their skills. This helps Proxema to know what areas to focus on in training the new member. The battle took place on TSA Thunderrift in heavy class. Video is available here:

Fractura was the victories