Sunday had a really good turnout of SJ players. We started on public games, moved to some Chaos at nite, and finished back on the pubs. Checkout the highlights in these two videos 

TSA Mirage (linky)

TC Ivory Tower

Thanks to all the participating pilots!

SJ members requested a review of the entrance trial format for cadets. The specific issue was the weight class used by the opponents. The vote results in a change from the first opponent using light class to medium class. This cascades into the second opponent using heavy class and the final opponent using assault class. So the opponents are bumped up a weight class. This option prevailed over all opponents using the same weight class as the cadet. The opponent selection will remain the same. However an emphasis on using more skilled pilots to further the challenge will be encouraged.

SJ continues to have good participation in MWLL and a few other games. The past 2 weeks saw a rare full SJ compliment in Chaos March. The two stars continue to "train". I will be setting a date this summer for the stars to have an internal scrimmage. I am working on friendly battles with other units as well.

SJ Architect battled SJ Joey for Point Commander rank III under the supervision of SJ duelist this past Sunday night. Architect won the coin toss and picked heavy class. Joey picked TC Scollnir for the map. The old school trial format was used to give experience to both pilots. The winner rose one level while dropping the other pilot a level. Congratulations to both pilots on a well fought battle. Reults in the video or in the following spoiler section. The pilots may trial again one week from now.




Architect won going to Point Commander rank III while Joey dropped to Point Commander Rank II.


SJ was active in the MWLL tournament this past March. Eight teams vied for the championship on March 16-17 and March 23. SJ duelist ran the tournament while SJ Proxema supervised one of the servers. SJ Proxema joined with SJ Rookzero and SJ Kidzin to form the primary SJ team. SJ Phylex and SJ Architect joined duelist to form the second SJ team. The tournament was best 3 of 5 fights per round. It was single elimination for the championship but with a second chance third place game. Fights took place across four servers with rotating referees. Duelist was the referee for the championship. Congratulations to all the SJ pilots that participated. Results in the spoiler section at the bottom.


SJ “Nameless” Round One vs SA Stand Arrow

SJ “Nameless” Round Two vs 12VR Concrete Crushers (2x camera angles)

SJ “Nameless” Championship Round vs SA Stone Mask (missing first fight)

(all fights, limited audio)

SJ “Mostly Heartless” Round One (2x camera angles)

SJ “Mostly Heartless” Round Two vs SA Stone Mask


Mostly heartless lost in the second round. Nameless finished in second place in the championship.


SJ conducted an entry trial for cadet Architect this past Saturday. The pilot was sponsored by SJ Proxema for the trial. Architect needed to defeat at least one SJ pilot to win the trial. SJ Joey was the first opponent in a Cougar F. SJ Phylex followed in a Bushwacker F. Finally, SJ Proxema finished in an Argus E. The pilots provided advice on tactics before the trial began. Architect trialed in a Madcat G.


Vs Joey

Vs Phylex

Vs Proxema

The battle (spoilers ahead)


resulted in a victory over SJ Joey, a loss to SJ Phylex, and a victory over SJ Proxema. Architect moves from a cadet to a full SJ member with a rank of Point Commander 1. Welcome to the unit, Architect! Be ready as the jaguar never sleeps!