SJ battled Wolverines Rebirth and Clan Jade Falcon in a small event on 2 December. SJ Joey, SJ Red, and SJ duelist fought in 3 battles.

The first battle took place on New Avalon against Wolverines Rebirth at 250 tons.

The second battle against Wolverines Rebirth was at 260 tons on TC Outskirts.

The final battle was against Clan Jade Falcon on TC Desolation at 150 tons.

We thank both clans for battling us. We look forward to future matches. Thanks to SJ Joey, SJ Red, and SJ Spetsnazbear for attending.


SJ won battle 1 and lost 2 and 3..


Drop by our organized games against Clan Jade Falcon today! Teamspeak for all the infos. Start windows is during Chaos from 4 - 7 PM EST. Come by if you can make it to showcase the SJ way! Here is a preview of what this might look like. CJF vs SJ "practice" match 3v3

SJ Phylexes, SJ Spetsnazbear, and SJ duelist participated in a friendly match with Clan Jade Falcon (CLF) this past Sunday. There was a 205 ton limit on TC Frostbite. Join duelist 17 November at 19:00 UTC as SJ returns to competitive play in the ThreeV3 event.

SJ FRYday Drop by HPG Comstar game server on MWLL tonight. Hang out, shoot the SH#T, and big stompy robots. I'll be on teamspeak $1 for autographs $2 for customized "HOLD' audio mesasge. Let;s say around 11 EST tonight?

Jaguars! Our team will be organized, but not led, by SJ duelist. We can enter both Thursday and Saturday. Find me or show up on teamspeak at these times. If I can find 2 or 3 players that want to take this on full blast, I can train the next 3 sundays starting at 9pm est.

ThreeV3 2018 Tournament

Thursday November 15 November 23:00 UTC

Saturday November 17 19:00 UTC

Game Servers: Chaos Server Network

Voice teamspeak (alternate address

Come have fun with your friends and units in a fast paced solaris team event. A single elimination bracket with 4, 6, or 8 teams. Come by Thursday for matches for teams that cannot play Saturday. There will also be a push to populate the public servers as well. Pilots that cannot make our normal weekend events can take battle. The main event is on Saturday. Teams are to report in a bit early to help get organized. Pilots can sign up early if desired to help planning. Sign up as a full 3 player team or as a team captain. You can also just show up and ask to be assembled into a team with spots open.

Defeat your randomly seated enemy team in a best 3 of 5 match on TSA Glory, Helsgate, Vista, Jungle, and ForestValley. The bracket will feature an active livestream with commentary and a third place match. Voice comms are required for organization on teamspeak. Teams are free to use their own comms server once instructions for the match have been assigned.

Each campaign will feature Clan vs Clan tech and IS vs IS tech only. This will be in addition to a simple tonnage limit for all matches. BV will not be in effect. Drop calcs will be available but not required. Matches will take place simultaneously to speed things along. Each server will have an event representative to ensure timely proceedings and that rules are followed. Standard accepted “Chaos” league rules will govern in game matches. All ground assets will be available once per team battle. So sure use that long tom, but you only get it once each round.

Matches will last 15 minutes with a target of 5 minutes or less down time for preparation. A team that is eliminated may challenge another team to a friendly match or spectate. A full 8 teams on 2-4 servers should wrap up in around 3 hours or so. Please reply here or contact duelist or invictus if you have a team to signup in advance or to sign up as a mercenary team leader. Registaration on the day of the event is also fine but please arrive early if possible. The event is being kept small in scope to focus on speed and quality. A future larger event is possible.

Teamwork over rated? Want all the glory for yourself? Stay tuned for Turkey Day Adjacent Solo Solaris Spectacular 2018… details soon…