SJ Khan Vic Viper recommnded Evan20k for induction into SJ. SJ saKhan duelist backed this decision having played alongsie Evan20k for the past week. SJ Recruit Evann20k will begin a two week evaluation period before the Khan or SaKhan initiate an entrance trial. SJ Recruit Evan20k will be placed with an SJ Officer to begin prepartion for the entry trial. Be sure to welcome Evan20k to our ranks. But be ever ready as the Jaguar never sleeps!

SJ Carbonel at rank 5 Point Commander challenged Star Captain Rask666 for leadership of their star. The battle took place on TC Systen in light class assets.


SJ Carbonel won advancing to Star Commander rank. SJ Rask666 fell to Point Commander 5 rank. SJ Carbonel is now in command of the star.


This was not the final say in who is still in consideration for rank. But all summer long SJ Kidzin, SJ Phylexes, and SJ Rookzero have fought to earn the right to begin the process for promotion. Here is a crucial step in that process, a fight between SJ Kidzin and SJ Rookzero on TSA Helsgate. Heavy class is used while the other members comment.

Second video is missing audio.

Thanks to our pilots for their participation.

The SJ Clan Council met Sunday night to begin constructing our offical trial procedures. Other topics such as ranks were covered. More information will be posted soon.

Kyro has passed the entrance trial and is now a full SJ member.