This story has more moving parts than a normal entry trial. The path thatonetemplar, or Templar, took to SJ was longer than most. Templar comes from Wolfs Dragoons, which began to check out MWLL this past winter. Soon Templar was seemingly the only member left playing the game from that group. So his search began for a new unit. SJ was offering a trial from the beginning. But I made sure he would have all the choices to make a solid decision. A call was made to all active units to make their pitch on membership. The choice became between Clan Sea Fox (CSF) and SJ. I then made a Trial of Refusal on behalf of SJ to CSF Khan Ressk: . I won the battle which opened the road to Templar taking an entry trial for SJ. I then left the decision to Templar to join CSF or SJ.

A warrior that wishes to enter SJ is granted recruit status. Warriors receive training alongside SJ until they feel ready for an entrance trial. A recruit is matched against three existing members in succession. The recruit takes assault class unless they wish to utilize a lower class. Then the final opponent is heavy class. The default opposition is light class, medium class, and assault class. The map is chosen by the first opponent. The recruit does not repair or reload ammo. The trial is a success if the recruit defeats at least the light class. Further victories increase the rank of the incoming member. The recruit rebuilds the asset and plays all three rounds even if they are defeated. A recruit may attempt an entry trial once per week until passing the test.

Templar faced duelist:

then Grimavenger93:

and finally Rookzero:

Templar enters SJ with a rank of Point Commander 1 after defeating SJ duelist. Congratulations, Templar on your accomplishment. Learn the ways of the jaguar. Bond with your team mates. But be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps!

Hot off the presses! Word has gotten out that ~SJ~ Rask666 challenged [C-C] Helo to a trial. SJ duelist is said to have overseen the trial. Anonymous source leaked this video of the fight:

Mitigator came to play in the league this weekend. He requested entrance into SJ. The officers present granted this request. Mitigator was to defeat at least one existing SJ member to become a full member. Otherwise he was to remain a recruit until passing the trial. He requested to trial specifically to enter as a tank specialist. This request was granted alongside a regular mech entrance trial.

Our entrance trial now lets the challenger pilot any weight class. The pilot faces three opponents in light, medium, and heavy or assault class. The challenger must defeat the light pilot to gain entrance. There is no repair or ammo refill for the challenger. Defeat of the other opponents grants a higher starting rank. Challenger chooses weight class and map. Medium and heavy or assault class assets are announced before the battles begin. The challenger plays all three rounds as practice if they are defeated.

Mitigator chose to challenge in medium class. His opponents were SJ Carbonel in lights class, SJ duelist in medium class, and SJ Rookzero in heavy class. The map was TC Dune.

Battle 1: Light Class Bushwacker A vs Solitaire E

Battle 2: Medium Class Bushwacker A vs Hollander A

Battle 3: Heavy Class Bushwacker A vs Mad Cat E

The tank specialist trial was held next. Mitigator took chose assault class. The map was TSA Jungle. Opponents were SJ Carbonel, SJ duelist, and SJ Rookzero. A victory against SJ Carbonel would gain full entry to SJ as a tank specialist.

Battle 1: Light Class Demolisher B vs Hephaestus E

Battle 2: Medium Class Demolisher B vs Partisan F

Battle 3: Assault Class Demolisher B vs Morrigu D

Mitigator, you have proven your worth by defeating SJ Carbonel on the battlefield. You may now call yourself an SJ tank warrior. But there is still work to be done to earn your mech certification. Celebrate with your new team mates! ut be every ready as the jaguar never sleeps!


Mitigator was defeated by SJ Carbonel. Mitigator will remain a mech recruit until passing an entry trial in the future. He defeated SJ Carbonel to pass entry as a tank specialist. Mitigator is still a mech recurit but a full SJ member.


A number of warriors battled for rank this past weekend.  SJ duelist presided over all trials.

SJ Rask666 battled SJ Carbonel for Point Commander Rank 4. Victor goes to point 4 while loser falls to rank 2. Battle took place on TSA Jungle in heavies.

SJ Phylex battled SJ Proxema for Star Colonel. SJ Proxema, a Galaxy Commander, would not rise or fall in rank. SJ Phylex would beocme Star Colonel, up from Star Captain, with a victory. Battle was on TSA Thunderrift in mediums.

We closed the night on two non-rank trials.

SJ Rookzero battled SJ duelist in lights on TSA Jungle:

SJ Rookzero and guest thatonetemplar battled SJ Rask666, SJ Mitigator, and SJ duelist in a take anything match on TSA Jungle.


SJ Rask666 and SJ Proxema won the rank trials. SJ Rookzero defeated SJ duelist. Team duelist won the nightcap.


A Trial of Refusal was held beteen Clan Sea Fox (CSF) and Clan Smoke Jaguar (SJ) over thatonetemplar joining CSF. CSF Khan Ressk bid 1v1 vtol combat against SJ SaKhan duelist. SJ duelist countered with ground combat. The leaders agreed to 1v1 assault class mech combat on TC Enkeladaus. CSF Khan Ressek brought a Mad Cat MK II to counter the Daishi of SJ SaKhan duelist. The battle was recorded, .

The SJ Clan Council will convene this week to discuss what happens next.