Just a quick note. Our match tomorrow has been changed to 1 PM EST rather than 7pm. Our pilots were not able to commit to that time. Matches will take place sometime between 1pm and 4pm EST.

It was great to see the big SJ turnout this past Saturday. But timing led to a need to reschedule our battles with Clan Star Adder. The new time is set for Saturday April 14 at 18:00 Central Standard Time (6pm). Any interested SJ pilots may come to teamspeak mwll.mekmaster.com to play.

12VR and SJ met recently in a series of competitive drops. Lists were limited to cbill limtis for each player. Puretech limited to clan or inner sphere technology trees for each team depending on the map. Repeating was limited to 2 asests but only 1 Argus per battle. There was some confusion for SJ as extra ammo was meant to count towards the money limit. A special thank you to 12VR Snow Gibbon for organizing the event and to all the pilots that played.

Map 1 TSA Mirage 75k IS/VR Clan/SJ

Kyro, Templar, Proxema, Spetsnazbear


Map 2 TSA Outpost 75k IS/SJ Clan/VR

Draconian, Kinray, Spetsnazbear, Proxema


Map 3 TC Deathvalley 65k IS both teams

Templar, Draconian, Spetsnazbear, Proxema, Kinray



Map 4 TC IcePlanet 95k Clan both teams

Spetsnazbear, Draconian, Kinray, Kyro, Templar



12VR won battle 4, SJ won battles 1-3.



SJ Proxema, SJ Phylexes, SJ Crushlibs, and SJ duelist took the field for SJ against RDL. A fun time was had by all during the competitive drops. Each team had access to a medium, heavy, and assault mech with light mech added for 4 players. A special thanks to RDL and our SJ members for making the event possible.

Match 1 TSA Paliasdes 3 player


Match 2 TSA Canyonpro 4 player


Map 3 TC Sandblasted 4 player



RDL won the first 2 matches, SJ won the last.


SJ battles RDL in 3 player drops on maps TSA Palisades, TSA Canyonpro, and TSA Sandblasted. Each map will have a single assault, heavy, and medium class mech. Teamspeak server mwll.mekmaster.com to play. Start time is 11AM Central.