Fractura Laniatus returned to the Chaos March event this past weekend. duelist recalled the pilot from past MWLL tournaments. Fractura had always exhibited the qualities SJ looks for in recruiting new members. So it was that duelist, Sakhan and an officer of SJ, exercised the right to nominate Fractura to become a member. Time constraints required holding the trial the same day.

SJ traditions require a nomination from an SJ officer to begin the process for a pilot to join the group. The pilot then becomes a cadet if they accept the invitation. Normally a wait time of two weeks is required before a cadet may trial to become a full member. However this was waived given the limited time availability of duelist as he prepares to host an upcoming tournament. Fractura had played with various members of SJ a long time ago. The endorsements from multiple pilots reinforced making the waiver.

The cadet would need to meet the requirements of an entrance trial. The format of the trial is setup according to tradition by the SJ Council. Pilots are given the choice to challenge in an assault class mech or tank or a heavy class mech or tank. The pilot faces three opponents in succession. The pilot may not repair or refill ammo. The pilot must defeat the first opponent to become a full member. Further victories increase the initial rank of the pilot. If the pilot is defeated the trial continues without chance for further benefit. A pilot must wait a week to retake the trial should they not defeat the first opponent. The opponents are existing SJ pilots. The opponents utilize a medium, heavy, and finally an assault class. Advice and strategy recommendations are available to the challenger at the start of the trial. An SJ officer must be present to oversee the trial and certify the results. The battle traditionally takes place on SA Coliseum.

Fractura faced SJ Architect, SJ duelist, and special guest CJF Direwolf on TSA SolariaA in the entrance trial. Duelist was the supervising official. Fractura chose to increase difficulty by using a heavy in place of the default assault class. The normal map of Coliseum was subsituted to TSA Jungle due to server map rotation. The video of the trial is here:


Fractura remained a cadet after falling to SJ Architect in the first battle.

Fractura was allowed to trial once more. SJ Proxema and SJ Kidzin joined the proceedings. The cadet was given time to discuss mech choice and strategy before the next trial. The waiting period was waived due to availability of SJ officers. The new trial featured in order SJ Architect, SJ Kidzin, and SJ Proxema. SJ duelist was the primary official with SJ Proxema and SJ Architect assisting. Fractura chose the default assault class mech. Video of the trial is here

Fractura became a full member by defeating Architect, the first opponent. Fractura will enter as a Point Commander 1 after falling to Kidzin, the second opponent. Congratulations are in order Fractura Laniatus. Meet your new teammates and become familiar with our history and traditions. But be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps!

SJ Architect recruited and trained cadet Fire IIC. The time for an entrance trial was earned after a two week waiting period. SJ duelist was the sponsoring officer and trial administrator. The cadet faced three existing SJ members in single combat. The cadet had to defeat at least the first opponent to graduate to full membership. The trial took place in the SA Jungle Arena. The cadet would utilize assault class technology. The cadet chose the rare option to increase the challenge by using heavy class. The administrator gave the instructions to the pilots for the trial. The first opponent was SJ CloneSarge 2.0 using medium class. The second opponent was SJ Architect in heavy class. The final opponent was SJ Rookzero in assault class. The cadet would rebuild and continue if unable to defeat all three opponents without repairs or rearm. The initial rank of the cadet would be determined by the number of victories in the trial.

Full Video

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3


The cadet gained full membership with the defeat of SJ CloneSarge 2.0. The cadet enters with a rank of Point Commander 1.


We welcome SJ Fire II C to our fold. Celebrate your victory and get to know your fellow warriors. But be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps!