Khan Vic Viper V1 and Sakhan duelist reorganized our forces during a meeting on 1 February. Sakhan duelist will continue command of the 1st Mostly Heartless. SJ Proxema will take charge as the commander of the second, yet unnamed star. SJ Rookzero will retain command the 3rd "Thunderrogs".  The 4th star has been retired for now.

The 1st "Mostly Heartless"

~SJ~ Duelist (commander)

~SJ~ Dashfire61

~SJ~ Shirtyscarab554


The 2nd " "

~SJ~ Proxema (commander)

~SJ~ Kyro

~SJ~ Rask666

~SJ~ Red

~SJ~ Kidzin

~SJ~ Templar rank 1

~SJ~ Spetnaszbear rank 1


The 3rd "Thunderdogs"

~SJ~ Rookzero (commander)

~SJ~ Phylex

~SJ~ Rishingo

~SJ~ GrimAvenger

~SJ~ Firehound

~SJ~ AntaresOne

~SJ~ Mr. Cuttlefish


A few of our members are moving on from SJ. Carbonel and Evan20k  are sticking around MWLL and working with us on a number of our actitivies. But they are officially moving to our retired list. Thank you for your contributions to SJ! Good luck in the future.

12VR accepts our challenge to 3-5 player combat. Stop by at to watch. Format is c bill based drops 3 pilots up to 5 if enough show. Puretech , think its clan or is only tech. Not sure if we're on Huntress servers or Verde  Drop by a bit early so we can do this right! But also show up in progress to watch or possibly join.

SJ Rishingo, SJ Proxema, and SJ duelist prepare for Chaos March by playing a public round on TC Highland.

Jaguars! I plan to officially challenge =KOS= Knights of the Inner Sphere, 12VR 12th Vegan Rangers, CSF Clan Sea Fox, [W-R] Wolverines Rebirth, CJF Clan Jade Falcon, ELH Eriadani Light Horse, RDL Russian Death Legion, CJW Clan Jade Wolf, and if possible, Wolf’s Aces and CBG Clan Ghost bear. I shall bid three warriors to battle three warriors of each listed group. SJ shall bring the glory of honorable combat to the front door of these storied units at a time and place of their choosing. The time has come for SJ to test their might against the entire MWLL community! I shall post the response of any group that accepts our challenges.