Our customs require a recruit to wait at least two weeks before trialing for full membership. Mr Cuttlefish has received positive reviews form our pilots during consistent play in MWLL as an SJ recruit. SaKhan duelist was pleased to recommend the pilot for an entrance trial. A recruit must fall an existing SJ warrior in single combat to earn the right to join SJ.

The trial takes place on SA Coliseum. The cadet takes either an assault mech or a heavy mech. There are three opponents sporting a light mech, medium mech, and either an assault or heavy mech. The cadet does not repair, eject, or reload ammo during the trial. A pilot enters at a higher rank with additional victories in the trial.

SJ Carbonel offered advice and suggestions before the trial. Mr Cuttlefish used an MKII to face the Cougar of SJ duelist as the first opponent. Khan Vic Viper was the second opponent in a Hollander A. SJ Carbonel concluded the trial as the final opponent in an MKII.


Battle 1 https://youtu.be/DLDGrkLeCzU

Battle 2 https://youtu.be/K_NvAYOAwic

Battle 3 https://youtu.be/EqLpbA2eq1k

We welcome you, Mr Cuttlefish, to SJ. Enjoy your victory with your fellow members. Proudly wear the tags of the mighty SJ. You have been assigned to the Third Thunderdogs under the command of SJ Rookzero. Be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps!

Greetings pilots,

   Jaguars, be at the ready. We return to the fight Saturday January 6th at 20 UTC. SJ Kidzin and SJ Red are to battle for rank and possible control of the star. SJ Proxema will need pilots to finish some lingering issues in Chaos March. The SJ Clan Council is hereby summoned to meet at its nearest convenience. There is a lot to do this new year. Standby soon for further developments

-SaKhan duelist

12VR Warlord Kentax and CSF Domkek bring the first episode of Returing to Base radio cast. SJ Proxema and SJ duelist are guests. Duelist starts talking about events around 30 minutes in.


Its time! Come to teampseak mwll.mekmaster.com to play. We only have the one opponent so let us make it count! Starts around 20:00 UTC (2pm CST).

Be sure to say hi to the newest SJ Cadet, Mr. Cuttlefish. An entrance trial may be held beginning this weekend if the sponsoring officer and SaKhan or Khan give approval.