Drop by and see if you can finish in the top 3 to advance! Just come to the server and play. Running most of the day Saturday and part of day Sunday.


The clan council is proud to announce the formation of our unit stars. This will help with organization and traning while bulding friendly competition through the clan. The trials and practices held over the past few months have clarified the choices to lead these stars. A traditional clan star consists of five players with an officer in command. The council identified the roughly twenty active players to create an intial four stars. Consideration for the leadership was based upon active players, leadership skills, and performance in public and organized games. Each of the stars will decide upon their group name. The stars will eventually begin to play together for training and coordination in activities. I will reach out to each leader to begin the process of beginning activities. SJ still stands on not requiring any player to participate more then he or she chooses. But some additional organization is called for as we stand at the beginning of the return of other clans to MWLL. The highest rank officer in each star is the leader. Consideration was given to how often players play together, player location, and compatible skills. New players that join SJ from this day forward will be assigned to a star. The following list is not organized in any manner other than to list the stars in the order they were created. A few reserve slots were created as we have more than 20 players. Congratulations to SJ Kidzin, SJ Rookzero, and SJ Rask666 for becoming star leaders. I will have more information in the coming weeks as we get used to the new structure.

Star 1

~SJ~ Duelist (commander)
~SJ~ Proxema
~SJ~ Phylex
~SJ~ Rishingo
~SJ~ Snow Leopard

Star 2

~SJ~ Kidzin (commander)
~SJ~ Templar
~SJ~ GrimAvenger
~SJ~ Firehound

~SJ~ Netra

Star 3

~SJ~ Rookzero (commander)
~SJ~ Carbonel
~SJ~ Spetnaszbear
~SJ~ Chefrev
~SJ~ Shirtyscarab554

~SJ~ Veritas

Star 4

~SJ~ Rask666 (leader)
~SJ~ Red
~SJ~ Dashfire
~SJ~ AntaresOne
~SJ~ Mitigator

The SJ clan conucil met Sunday 25 June to discuss a few items.

SJ Kidzin Wirth was promoted to Star Captain. He will need to defeat SJ Red to use the rank in tags.

SJ Rookzero was confirmed a Star Captain after rising through the ranks via rank trials.

SJ Phylex will join SJ Kidzin and SJ Rookzero in competition for the vacant Star Colonel position. Khan Vic Viper V1 and SaKhan duelist will decide the winner in July.

SJ Rask666 was confirmed for Star Commander rank.

Rank trials beyond Star Commander will require a recommendation from the Khan or SaKhan.

The star structure was decided for the clan.


This story has more moving parts than a normal entry trial. The path thatonetemplar, or Templar, took to SJ was longer than most. Templar comes from Wolfs Dragoons, which began to check out MWLL this past winter. Soon Templar was seemingly the only member left playing the game from that group. So his search began for a new unit. SJ was offering a trial from the beginning. But I made sure he would have all the choices to make a solid decision. A call was made to all active units to make their pitch on membership. The choice became between Clan Sea Fox (CSF) and SJ. I then made a Trial of Refusal on behalf of SJ to CSF Khan Ressk: https://youtu.be/HZO6M_QDQcA . I won the battle which opened the road to Templar taking an entry trial for SJ. I then left the decision to Templar to join CSF or SJ.

A warrior that wishes to enter SJ is granted recruit status. Warriors receive training alongside SJ until they feel ready for an entrance trial. A recruit is matched against three existing members in succession. The recruit takes assault class unless they wish to utilize a lower class. Then the final opponent is heavy class. The default opposition is light class, medium class, and assault class. The map is chosen by the first opponent. The recruit does not repair or reload ammo. The trial is a success if the recruit defeats at least the light class. Further victories increase the rank of the incoming member. The recruit rebuilds the asset and plays all three rounds even if they are defeated. A recruit may attempt an entry trial once per week until passing the test.

Templar faced duelist: https://youtu.be/NRXGBMAcqM4

then Grimavenger93: https://youtu.be/NRXGBMAcqM4

and finally Rookzero: https://youtu.be/DehsdUiETSM

Templar enters SJ with a rank of Point Commander 1 after defeating SJ duelist. Congratulations, Templar on your accomplishment. Learn the ways of the jaguar. Bond with your team mates. But be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps!

Hot off the presses! Word has gotten out that ~SJ~ Rask666 challenged [C-C] Helo to a trial. SJ duelist is said to have overseen the trial. Anonymous source leaked this video of the fight: