SJ Architect recruited and trained cadet Fire IIC. The time for an entrance trial was earned after a two week waiting period. SJ duelist was the sponsoring officer and trial administrator. The cadet faced three existing SJ members in single combat. The cadet had to defeat at least the first opponent to graduate to full membership. The trial took place in the SA Jungle Arena. The cadet would utilize assault class technology. The cadet chose the rare option to increase the challenge by using heavy class. The administrator gave the instructions to the pilots for the trial. The first opponent was SJ CloneSarge 2.0 using medium class. The second opponent was SJ Architect in heavy class. The final opponent was SJ Rookzero in assault class. The cadet would rebuild and continue if unable to defeat all three opponents without repairs or rearm. The initial rank of the cadet would be determined by the number of victories in the trial.

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The cadet gained full membership with the defeat of SJ CloneSarge 2.0. The cadet enters with a rank of Point Commander 1.


We welcome SJ Fire II C to our fold. Celebrate your victory and get to know your fellow warriors. But be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps!

SJ Architect notified SaKhan duelist of a player interested in joining SJ. Cadet Stuntman spent two weeks participating in Chaos March battles, SJ practice nights, and random public games with our membership.


Multiple SJ officers expressed approval of the pilot during this evaluation period. So the SaKhan sponsored Cadet Stuntman for an entrance trial.


An SJ entrance trial places three existing SJ pilots in different weight classes against the cadet. The cadet first chooses a weight class to utilize against all opponents without repair or rearm. The heavy class is the default. The three opponents pilot medium, heavy, and assault class mechs or vehicles.


The cadet then chooses the trial map. The opponents take their places in sectors designated by the trial officer. The cadet builds their mech or vechicle while receiving instructions. Finally the cadet receives the location of the first opponent.


The cadet must defeat the first opponent to become a full member of SJ. Additional victories award a higher initial rank. The cadet stops after a victory or defeat to receive new instructions. The location of the other pilots is revealed as the trial continues.


A cadet defeat ends the trial. But the cadet rebuilds the same asset to face any remaining opponents for honor.

Cadet Stuntman chose medium class on TSA Carbon. This is a step up in difficulty from the default choice.


The first opponent was SJ Spetsnazbear in a medium mech.

The cadet then faced SJ Joey in a heavy mech.

The cadet finished against SJ Architect in an assault mech.

Welcome to SJ, Stuntman. Get to know your fellow pilots. Learn the ways of our group. Celebrate your accomplishment. But be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps!



The cadet defeated the first opponent to gain full entry into SJ. SJ Point Commander, level 1, Stuntman was assigned to the Mostly Heartless Star. The star is commanded by SJ duelist.