SJ Proxema, SJ Vic Viper, SJ duelist faced Wolverines Rebirth Saturday. SJ Proxema, SJ Viper, and SJ duelist all took part in the Chaos March that day. SJ Red, SJ Vic Viper, SJ Proxema, and SJ duelist participated in the Chaos March Sunday. SJ Red, SJ Vic Viper, and SJ duelist took on WR in organized TSA Sunday night.SJ is returning to the Chaos March tonight, May 27, from 04:00-10:00 UTC in the NIght Owl edition of Chaos March.




SJ Proxema, SJ Vic Viper, and SJ Duelist challenged Wolverines Rebirth to a 175 ton limit, 3 variant ban battle on TSA_Jungle. WR Django, WR Bob, and WR Gnomeking formed the team for WR.

One match was not enough as the competition continued. 

The sames teams took part in two Chaos March drops with WR Gnomeking joining SJ to take on WR Burner, WR Bob, WR Django, and WR Marius.
 SJ Proxema and SJ Viper were crucial parts of the Chaos March drops that took place earlier in the day.
SJ Vic Viper, SJ Red, and SJ duelist came back Sunday night to face WR Django, WR Burner, and a public player during an organized TSA battle on TSA_Sandblasted. 

SJ won the first and lost the second 3v3 battle. SJ lost both Chaos March battles on jungle. SJ lost to WR in the Sunday night battle on Sandblasted.

SJ Red took to the battlefield to square off with SJ duelist. The series of duels took place Sunday night after the conclusion of the WR SJ competition.

The first battle involving heavies took place on TC_RingofFire.

The second fight was held on TC_Veiled Thunder with assaults.

The concluding assaults duel also occurred on TC_VeiledThunder.

*SPOILER* SJ Red took all three fights *END SPOILER*


This past weekend SJ met WR on the field of battle. The format was 2 player teams. One team would pick a team drop limit of 70, 105, 140, or 170 tons. The other team chose the map to be played. The only restriction was that the same asset could not be used twice in the same fight.

The first battle involved SJ Proxema and SJ duelist. WR Django and WR Burner took part for WR. TSA_Alshain was the sight of the 70 ton battle.

The second battle took place on TSA_Thunderrift with 140 tons. WR Django and WR Burner faced SJ Proxema and SJ duelist. The battle was stopped when a player lost connection. The battle was replayed under the same conditions.

The third battle of 170 tons was held on TC_Mirage. SJ Laurana and SJ Red faced WR Burner and WR Django. Unfortunately, the video of this fight has been lost to the ages.

The fourth battle happened on TSA_Frostbite involving 105 tons. SJ Laurana had to leave so SJ Red took her place on the field. SJ duelist was the second participant to face WR Django and WR Burner.

The fifth battle raged on TSA_Vista with 70 tons. SJ Red and SJ duelist took on WR Django and WR Burner.

*SPOILER* SJ won on Alshain and Thunderrift while falling on Mirage, Frostbite, and Vista. *END SPOILER*

Thanks go out to our SJ pilots. Thanks also to WR for playing with us.



SJ Proxema and SJ duelist took part in Chaos March Sunday. SJ Proxema, SJ Laurana, SJ Red, and SJ duelist joined forces in a 2v2 competition and practice with Wolverines Rebirth. SJ Red and SJ duelist concluded the weekend with some 1v1 duels.