Duelist, Red, Vic Viper V1, and Pabst were all around for the Chaos March Sunday Night. Pabst had some computer issues so Antares1 took his place on the drop. Here is the video of the battle: https://youtu.be/Z5L_DWEMjtQ 


We lost but it was a good fight!


Saturday Vic Viper V1 and Duelist participated in the Chaos March drops.

Duelist dropped with ELH in a *SPOILER*



effort. Here is the video from my robot: https://youtu.be/5X6ayDUVq0E

Viper dropped with WR Mercs on maps 2 and 3. Duelist dropped with ELH on map 3.


ELH won all 3 maps to defend the planet


Here is video of map 2: https://youtu.be/TOHINS5JeLc

Here is video from my robot of map 3: https://youtu.be/SndwZKRlcYw

Red and Duelist played for a few hours together late Sunday night.

Last but not least SJ took on ELH in a 2v2 battle:

Eridani Light Horse (ELH)  vs Smoke Jaguar (SJ)
105 tons. Fafnir and Daishi banned. No duplicate assets (cannot use 2 Cougar F).

Map: TSA Vista winner: *SPOILER* ELH *END SPOILER*
Pilots: ELH Dollarovich  and ELH Killthemall for ELH. SJ Vic Viper v1 and SJ Duelist for SJ.
Mechs: Ryoken B and Shadowcat E for ELH. Ryoken B and Shadowcat G for SJ.
http://www.twitch.tv/burner77/b/651379066 (spectate)

"SJ" Burner and SJ Duelist fought with RDL Saturday:


SJ Vic Viper and SJ duelist fought with ELH on Sunday:


Both were great battles with *Spoiler*


*end Spoiler*

Thanks to RDL and ELH for the fights.

SJ Vic Viper and SJ duelist took part in the Chaos March battles. Some even involved 28 people on a full server. Checkout the action here:


SJ Red joined SJ Vic Viper and SJ Duelist late Sunday night for some pubbing.

See everyone again this coming weekend.

I need at least one SJ pilot this Saturday because I just posted this:

So on behalf of the International Team, I Duelist, Director of Clan Smoke Jaguar ,officially challenge both Eridani Light Horse (ELH) and Russian Death Legion (RDL) to a single 2v2 battle to occur this coming Saturday. The battles can begin before Chaos March or between maps. Each unit may pick a team of 2 pilots.

Saturday 11 April

Round 1

Drop Weights: 170 total tons
Drop Restrictions: Mechs only, No Fafnir/Daishi, No duplicate variant (Don't use 2 Cougar F same match)
Map: TSA_Glory

Round 2

Drop Weights: 170 total tons
Drop Restrictions: Mechs only, No Fafnir/Daishi, No repeating variant (Don't use 2 Cougar F same match)
Map: TSA_Glory

We will see how the test goes before deciding on future rounds.

We need to put together 2 "mini" drop lists beforehand. I will take up one spot unless we get two other SJ to sub for me. PM me if you are interested in taking part.


Pabst, Vic Viper, and Duelist all participated in the Chaos March. We split the battles on the International Team. Red joined us for some organized pubbing Sunday night. Check Vipers' Twitch for videos http://www.twitch.tv/16484067/profile/past_broadcasts or the Chaos March video list http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZC5fGNbCetJ8CvdyLJiK0QRBXPwIo7qr .

So we are participating in the Chaos March on weekends. Then we are just trying to meet up on teamspeak and play on the public servers. We got Pabstcan entrance trial done and I will link to that if the video is still available. Congrats on passing the trial Pabst! We meetup at teamspeak mwll.mwmaster.net or wr-clan.no-ip.org. Should be some more activities coming soon.