Vic Viper, Proxema, and duelist participated in Chaos March Saturday. Proxema teamed up with WR Bob to face ELH Dollarovich and ELH Killthemall in a 4 player battle. *SPOILER* ELH defeated Proxema and Bob *End Spoiler* *SPOILER* ELH turned back Wolverines Mercenaries on a planet attack* END SPOILER* Proxema and duelist joined the WR Mercs on Sunday in the Chaos March. *SPOILER* Action picked up from the campaign Saturday night. WR Mercs took a planet after taking it to the final map.*END SPOILER* Proxema, Red, Vic Viper, and duelist attended SJ practice Sunday Night. Our next unit activity is Saturday when we face Wolverines Rebirth. Details on that engagement will be posted later this week.

Hello fellow jaguars,

Today I am happy to announce our first squad based event. This will be a competitive affair to help boost team moral and to get to know everyone. We will be participating in a double elimination team based tournament over the coming weeks. If any of you have participated in the other 2v2 tournaments this will be similar.

Teams will face off in a best of three maps battle. Teams will need to keep track of the assets they use. Once an asset is used, it becomes unavailable for the rest of the event. Teams may  use one specific mech variant once. Only robots may be used, so no tanks or hovers or infantry. Daishi and Fafnir are also banned. The maps for the tournament are TSA_Glory, TSA_Vista, TSA_Helsgate, and TSA_ForestvalleyV2. Teams will be assigned a total weight for each map of the contest. The weights will be 70, 105, 140, and 170 tons. Teams will be provided with a drop calc to keep track of all the assets they use. Fights will take place on the Huntress Network or on the Wolverines Rebirth server.

I will assign teams for this event. In the future you all will be able to select your teammate. I have placed teams together based on geography. Pilots are paired up so they are more likely to be around at the same time. Matches do not have to occur at any specific time or with the supervisor present. Matches will be official with a video proof and battle report from the teams. Teams that are defeated will still have another chance at the championship. We will try to play the tournament on weekends around the Chaos March.

You can communicate with your teammates on our forums, teamspeak, or via pm on this site. Players are encouraged to spend a bit of time practicing or preparing assets in advance. Here are the teams:

Team Pacifica: SJ Red and SJ Bayard

Team Rocky Mountain: SJ Vic Viper V1 and SJ Pabst Can

Team Somewhere: SJ Proxema and SJ duelist

Laurana will play on team Somewhere if the game is playable again.

See the bracket here:

Good luck to all players!



Every member of SJ stopped by MWLL this weekend. Proxema, Vic Viper, Pabst Can, Bayard,  and Duelist all participated in the Chaos March. Bayard and Duelist w a bit Sunday night. I will reveal plans for some internal unit plans soon. SJ will scrimmage with W-R Wolverines Rebirth on Saturday May 16th. Time to be determined.

 This past weekend saw two new pilots attempt to join SJ. They were nominated by an SJ officer as worthy of facing existing SJ members in a Trial of Entrance. SJ Red acted as the presiding officer over the trials. SJ Vic Viper took over this responsibility when SJ Red was the opponent. Our clan requires a worthy applicant to face three SJ warriors in single combat. The applicant must fell at least one warrior to join our ranks. The applicant may choose the specific arena of combat or the mech class for combat.

The first trial was for applicant Proxema. He comes to us from the a previous mercenary group. I stood beside him in many battles with that unit. I know him to be skilled in all ares of combat. He has previously displayed leadership skills as drop commander for the WR Mercenaries in the Chaos March. He also has participated in drop list creation in the event. His name is feared when spoken among many corners of the Inner Sphere. This made him worthy of consideration, but not induction, into SJ. For that, he would have to prove himself against SJ warriors on the battlefield.

He landed on Huntress from his Shiva descending from the sky. SJ Red met him to explain the upcoming trial. He was to face SJ Duelist, SJ Pabst Can, and SJ Vic Viper in single fall combat. He was given the choice of selecting arena or mech class. SJ Red and his Shadowcat ensured no one would dare interfere...

Candidate Proxema

In the first battle Proxema choose the heavy mech class and took a Madcat A to counter the Thanatos D of SJ duelist. SJ Duelist chose the TSA Underground arena. Proxema was declared the winner in a fierce brawl. The victory secured his place in our ranks. But he had yet to face two more combatants.  (duelist perspective)  (1st part)

Proxema choose the medium mech class. Proxema selected the Bushwacker B. Pabst Can piloted the Ryoken A. Pabst Can choose the arena TSA Alshain. Pabst Can felled Proxema in the epic fight.  (2nd part)

The final opponent for Proxema was SJ Vic Viper. Proxema exercised his right to challenge in the Assault mech class. He took a Masakari Prime while Vic Viper chose a Daishi F. The arena chosen was TC Enkeladaus. The combatants found each other after much manuevering. The fight progressed from long to middle range before the Masakari was fell. (3rd part)

Candidate Proxema, you have proven your worthiness for induction into the warriors of SJ. Your deafest of SJ Duelist shows your skills as a pilot to be worthy to be placed among us. Welcome warrior Proxema. You may now carry the ~SJ~ tags to signify you are one of us.

The second trial was for Bayard. I fought alongside Bayard in countless battles. Bayard grew into a great warrior as he trained among some of the finest pilots of the Inner Sphere. His technical skills and quick wit provided useful in all aspects of the unit. He is a master of tanks and a skilled mech pilot. His versatility on and off the battlefield make him a valuable ally. He has demonstrated aptitude in training new recruits and pilots. He comes with high recommendations from his previous unit. His name bears great respect among his fellow pilots throughout the galaxy. Yet he had to demonstrate his skills on the battlefield. Bayard arrived via Demoliser to encounter SJ Red. Red explained that he would face SJ Duelist, SJ Red, and SJ Vic VIper In single fall combat. SJ Red trusted his gauss rifle would make sure no would interfere.

Bayard choose to compete in medium mechs. SJ Duelist selected the TC Dustbowl arena. Both SJ Duelist and SJ Bayard choose a Bushwacker G. Bayard proved his mastery of this model. He dispatched of SJDuelist quickly to earn a place among our ranks. But his night was far from done.

Bayard choose to challenge on the TC Extremity arena. SJ Red chose to battle in the Assault class. The mighty Fafnir C was piloted by SJ Red. The imposing Daishi A was selected by Bayard. Neither combatant wished to give up ground so the map was replayed a second time after no action the first time around. The combatants quickly found each other where Bayard made the killing blow.

Bayard faced SJ Vic Viper on TSA Helsgate. The recording has been lost from the archives. Sworn testimony shall be required to validate this final battle. Bayard fell in heavy robot combat to his opponent.

Candidate Bayard, you have proven your worthiness for induction into the warriors of SJ. Your defeat of SJ Duelist and SJ Red show you skills as a pilot to be worthy to be placed among us. Welcome warrior Bayard. You may now carry the ~SJ~ tags to signify you are one of us.

So this night we celebrated the addition of these pilots into SJ. Warriors! Savor your accomplishment. But be ever ready for battle as the Jaguar never sleeps.






Viper, Duelist, Pabst all took part in Chaos March Saturday and Sunday. Bayard and Proxema took part in their entrance trials. Red officiated the trials. All of SJ watched or participated in these trials. Videos and a more detailed post coming soon.