Both teams met up Sunday night for a mix of 1v1 trials and 1v1 combat. SJ Bayard, SJ Dashfire61, SJ Vic Viper V1, and SJ duelist took part alongside WR Serpentus and WR Burner. I will list the battles that I caught on camera.

The action began with a full round of 1v1 trials in an open class format on Cleatcut teams then moved to light class assets on the same map

WR Serpentus and SJ duelist had an artillery match on that map

Finally WR Burner and SJ duelist faced off 1v1

On Frostbite WR Serpentus challenged SJ Vic Viper V1 to aerial combat

Then a rematch

Action moved to Desolation with medium class action between SJ Bayard and WR Burner

next was a rematch in heavies

following was assault class with SJ Bayard and WR Serpentus

WR Serpentus and SJ duelist faced off in lights

then mediums

then heavies

finally WR Burner and SJ duelist finished the map in assaults

To close out the night SJ Bayard and WR Burner fought on TC MIrage starting in lights

then combined light/medium class

then the epic classic medium class 

Results were mixed with both teams taking plenty of victories. Thanks to both units for the games. Drop by Sunday nights after Chaos March to join the fun.

SJ is coming off a very busy weekend. SJ Pabstcan, SJ Dashfire61,  SJ Vic Viper V1, SJ Antares One, SJ Proxema, and SJ duelist joined the Chaos March Saturday. SJ participated in all ten maps Saturday. SJ Vic Viper V1 took on WR Serpentus in vtol combat Saturday night. Sunday saw SJ Bayard, SJ Proxema, SJ Red, SJ Antares, and SJ duelist participate in the Chaos March. SJ participated in all four maps Sunday. SJ and WR met up again Sunday night for single combat trials. More info and videos to come in a future post. Next play opportunity is Saturday in Chaos March.

SJ defended a planet, fell just short in attacking a planet, and is up one map to none in the ongoing campaign.

WR and SJ met up again this past weekend to extend their friendly competition. WR Serpentus and WR Django took the stage for WR. SJ Vic Viper V1 and SJ duelist represented SJ in the first match. 200 tons and repeating assets were allowed for this battle.

SJ Pabst Can then arrived to team up with SJ Vic Viper V1. Teams had 150 tons to work with on Mirage.

The play continued on Mirage with 105 tons per team. Flying assets were both carrying and eligible. SJ went on to take dual carrying asset APC with a pool of 24 total lives. WR fielded vtol and mech.

The night concluded on Clearcut with the same set of rules. The turrets were on (blame the supervisor-me lol). SJ took mechs. WR took vtol and mech.


SJ took victory on Marshes. WR fell SJ on the remaining maps.


SJ Vic Viper V1, SJ Dashfire61, SJ Proxema, SJ Pabstcan, and SJ duelist joined the Chaos March Saturday. SJ Pabst Can, SJ Proxema, SJ Dashfire61, SJ Bayard, and SJ duelist took up arms in the Chaos March Sunday. SJ Red stopped by for some games Sunday night. SJ Pabst Can, SJ Vic Viper V1, and SJ duelist faced WR in 2v2 battles Sunday night. Come by the teamspeak server during the week to catch up and play some pub games. Next SJ play opportunity is Saturday July 18 in the Chaos March.



We lost a planet on a map 5. We defended a planet 3-1 maps. We are down 2-1 as we enter play next weekend. We beat WR on 2 games and fell on 3 games.


SJ and WR continued their friendly rivalry over the weekend. SJ Proxema, SJ Bayard, SJ Dashfire61, SJ Red, and SJ duelist took part. The first set of battles were 3v3. The second set were 2v2. We mixed up the teams just for fun toward the end of the night. All of the battles take place on the new map TC Newavalon.

New Avalon


Ton based 2v2  “burner duelist” “red dashfire” 200 repeating.  “red dashfire” “serpentus burner” 60 repeating.  “dashfire duelsit” “burner red” 170 no repeating.

SJ won four of the five 3v3 battles. SJ lost the official 2v2 battle.