Late Sunday night WR Burner came along with SJ to the sands of Sandblasted. SJ duelist presided over an open class 1v1 combat trial between pilots.

SJ Bayard and SJ duelist began the trials with a fight in lights.

WR Burner and SJ Proxema then fought in assault mechs.

SJ Pabstcan brought his heavy against the medium of SJ Red. Unfortunately the fight archive is lost to the ages.

Time ran out on the map before we could get all combatants a turn. I know that SJ Vic Viper V1 was fighting SJ Dashfire61 in some manner out of my view. I hear it was a great match.

SJ duelist defeated SJ Bayard. SJ Proxema fell WR Burner. SJ Pabstcan defeated SJ Red. Unofficially, I believe SJ Vic Viper V1 did something to SJ Dashfire61.

SJ Antares One and SJ duelist participated in the Chaos March Saturday. SJ Bayard, SJ Dashfire61, SJ Proxema, SJ Red, SJ Vic Viper V1, and SJ duelist came by for Chaos March Sunday.  Most of the pilots took part in an open class trial held on Sandblasted. SJ Bayard, SJ Pabstcan, SJ Red, SJ Dashfire61, and SJ duelist formed teams with WR Burner to battle on TC Dunev2. SJ Pabst Can joined us Sunday night for 2v2 and 3v3 action with WR. A huge thanks to our pilots for the large SJ turnout Sunday. Next SJ play opportunity is this Saturday for the critical final battle for Epsilon Eridani.

We lost a planet Saturday. We lost a planet Sunday. We won two battles Sunday night to give us a chance to capture a planet this Saturday.

The growth of our unit has created a good problem. The addition of SJ Dashfire61 and SJ AntaresOne has created the opportunity to add a team to the 2v2 tournament. They will be represented as team Anatres Fire. Team Antares Fire will face team Rocky Mountain.

There are no longer any byes. Tournament is now single elimination but with a bronze medal match.

Team Rocky Mountain and Team Pacifica have been shuffled around. Team Rocky Mountain is now SJ Red and SJ Pabst Can. Team Pacifica is now SJ Bayard and SJ Vic Viper V1.

Team Pacifica and Team Somewhere will have one final fight to determine who moves on to the next round. The two teams are tied 1-1.  

Tournament play pickups as the players are available this summer.

Here is the original post announcing the tournament:
Results from the first 2 fights:
Also checkout the tournament bracket:

SJ Rishingo appeared out of nowhere Sunday on the teamspeak. So we could not pass this opportunity up. SJ Rishingo accepted the call for an entrance trial that was presided over by SJ dueilst. Our customs demand any pilot vying for entry into SJ to fall at least one pilot in three attempts.

SJ Rishingo asked for heavy assets as was his right. SJ Proxema acted as the first opponent and called for combat on TSA Thunderrift. SJ Rishingo chose the Vulture B. SJ Proxema brought a Loki.

SJ Rishingo again called for heavy assets. SJ Dashfire61 chose to battle on TSA Extremity as the second opponent. SJ Rishingo took a Thanny D. SJ Dashfire61 grabbed a Thor.

SJ Rishingo chose to challenge in battle armor for the final match. SJ Bayard called for TC Deepspace as the third opponent. This challenging combination led to two extended battles that ended without a valid result. SJ duelist confined the combat zone to an asteroid.

First Attempt
Actual Official Match 

We are proud to welcome SJ Rishingo (back) to SJ. Your defeat of at least one of our members demonstrates your skills as a warrior. Enjoy the victory and get to know all of the new (and old) members of SJ. But be ever ready for the jaguar never sleeps.

SJ Rishingo fell SJ Dashfire while falling to SJ Proxema and SJ Bayard.

SJ sent two teams to face off with WR Sunday night. The teams met up on TSA Glory with 140 tons, no repeating assets. SJ Bayard and SJ duelist formed the first team. SJ Dashfire61 and SJ Rishingo formed the second team. The WR team consisted of WR Serpentus and WR Burner for both matches. Thanks to all the pilots for playing.

Match 1

Match 2 

WR won both matches.