SJ and WR resumed their friendly rivalry this past weekend.

WR Gnomeking and WR Krieg took two heavy class assets on TC Frontlines. SJ Dashfire61 and SJ duelist met them in the cliffs for the battle Sunday.

WR Krieg and WR Burner then met SJ Null and SJ duelist on Sandblasted for 180 ton action.

The two teams then moved to a Chaos March type atmosphere engaging in 4v4 combat on TSA Marshes.
Battle 1
Battle 2  
Battle 3

The teams finished the night with a 2v2 from the remnants of an in-progress 4v4. SJ Null and SJ duelist faced WR Krieg and WR Burner.

Thanks to all the players for participating.

SJ Dashfire61 and SJ duelist defeated WR Gnomeking and WR Krieg. SJ Null and SJ duelist won against WR Burner and WR Krieg on Sandblasted. WR took 3 of 4 on Marshes.

Null checked in with everyone Sunday during the Chaos March. He played with SJ for a few maps and demonstrated his skills were still sharp as ever.  We invited him to take an entrance trial to join us as per our customs. He accepted the challenge and faced three of our warriors. SJ duelist oversaw the trial that required Null to defeat at least one of his opponents. Please note the lack of audio on the videos.

Null chose TSA Carbon for the first arena. SJ Proxema chose to challenge in the heavy class. Both pilots took Madcat G.

Null then chose the light class for the second arena. SJ Vic Viper V1 chose TSA Mirage as his opponent. Vic Viper V1 took a Puma C to counter the Cougar F of Null.

Null finished his trial facing SJ duelist on TC Sandblasted. Null selected the heavy class for the pilots. SJ Vic Viper V1 acted as the presiding officer. Null and SJ duelist both took Thanatos D.

Null earned the right to join SJ by defeating at least one opponent. His skills are legendary in both singular combat and as a leader of both drops and factions. We welcome you Null to SJ. Enjoy your accomplishment and get to know both old and new faces. But be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps.

Null defeated all three opponents.

SJ Pabstcan, SJ Proxema, and SJ duelist competed in the Chaos March Saturday. SJ Dashfire61 and SJ duelist battled in a light class 1v1 Saturday night. SJ Proxema, SJ Dashfire61, SJ Bayard, SJ Null, SJ Red, and SJ duelist came to fight in Chaos March Sunday.  SJ Bayard and SJ duelist took on WR in a 2v2 on Sunday. SJ Null and SJ duelist met WR in a 2v2 on Sunday. SJ Proxema, SJ Vic Viper V1, and SJ duelist took part in the entrance trial for SJ Null Sunday Night. Highlights from these battles will be posted shortly. The next SJ play opportunity comes Saturday in the Chaos March.


We took a planet and lost 2 planets.


SJ Dashfire61 took on SJ duelist Saturday in a 1v1 combat fight on SA Glory. Each pilot took  a Cougar F.



duelist won.

WR Burner represented WR while teaming up with SJ members.

SJ Bayard and SJ duelist faced WR Burner and SJ Red with 180 tons.

SJ Bayard, SJ Dashfire61, and SJ duelist then battled WR Burner, SJ Pabstcan, and SJ Red with 200 tons.

The night concluded with an epic? marathon battle with the same teams. SJ duelist was informed his team was over the ton limit so he proceeded as infantry. The fight is over 45 minutes long but it has an exciting conclusion.

Thanks to all the pilots who participated. Next SJ play opportunity is Saturday in the Chaos March in a critical final battle for an important planet.

WR Burner and SJ Red defeated SJ Bayard and SJ duelist. WR Burner, SJ Pabst Can, and SJ Red were victorious over SJ Bayard, SJ Dashfire61, and SJ duelist. WR Burner, SJ Pabstcan, SJ Red fell SJ Bayard, SJ Dashfire61, and SJ duelist to finish the evening.