SJ Pabst Can stopped by for some public games. SJ Vic Viper, SJ Proxema,  and SJ duelist took part in Chaos March Saturday. SJ Proxema, SJ VIc Viper, SJ Red, and SJ duelist came back for Chaos March Sunday. SJ Red, SJ Proxema, and SJ duelist faced applicant Dashfire61 in an entrance trial late Sunday night. Next SJ play opportunity is Friday night around 9pm EST or in Chaos March Saturday.

Sunday Dashfire61 was invited to join SJ. He faced three existing SJ warriors to prove his worth as a pilot as per our customs for an Entrance Trial. The challenger was afforded the option of selecting the specific weight class or arena for each of his opponents.

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Dashfire61 began his test with assault mechs on TC Kagoshima. He faced SJ duelist. SJ Red was the presiding officer overlooking the match. Dashfire61 took a Bloodasp to counter the Mauler of SJ duelist.

Dashfire61 next utilized heavy mechs on TSA Frostbite. His opponent was SJ Red. SJ Duelist took on the role of presiding officer. SJ Red took a Madcat. Dashfire61 took a Thanatos.

Dashfire concluded the trial in medium mechs on TC Sandblasted. SJ Proxema was the final opponent. SJ Red resumed his role as the presiding officer. Dashfire used an Epona. SJ Proxema used a Shadowcat.

Dashfire61 defeated SJ duelist while falling to SJ Red and SJ Proxema.

Welcome Dashfire61 to SJ. You have proven your skills as a warrior both in the Chaos March and in your trial. Your defeat of at least one SJ pilot certifies you to be worthy of induction into our ranks. Celebrate your accomplishment. But be every ready for the jaguar never sleeps!

SJ Pabst Can came on early Saturday. SJ Vic Viper, SJ Bayard, SJ Proxema, SJ Antares Eleven, and SJ duelist all took part in Chaos March Saturday. Antares Eleven began his entrance trial Saturday night. SJ duelist competed in the Aerospace Invitational. He also faced off in an infantry 2v2 battle. SJ Red, SJ Proxema, SJ Vic VIper, SJ Bayard, SJ Pabst Can, SJ Antares Eleven, and SJ duelist all played Sunday together. SJ Proxema, SJ Bayard, SJ Antares Eleven, and SJ duelist took up arms in Chaos March. SJ Pabst Can, SJ Bayard, and SJ duelist were the entrance trial opponents Saturday and Sunday. SJ duelist took on Wolverines Rebith


We lost our first map loosing a planet. We then won three straight to fully defend a planet Saturday in Chaos March. SJ Antares fell to SJ Bayard before falling SJ duelist Saturday. SJ duelist lost to Luke Larson in the Invitational. SJ duelist defeated the other team in the 2v2 infantry match. Sunday we lost a planet attack in three straight matches. We finished the weekend down 2-0 on a planet. Help us turn it around this weekend! SJ Antares fell to SJ Pabst Can Sunday. 


Seven SJ players at once, that was awesome. Hope to see many SJ members this weekend!

Ok Antares here is your post

This past weekend Antares Eleven made a bid for membership into SJ. As is our custom he was subjected to an Entrance Trial. He needed to fall at least one member of SJ in single combat to be worthy of joining our ranks. 

Antares Eleven first faced SJ Bayard on the frozen tundra of Helsgate. Both combatants contested in medium mechs. Antares Eleven in a Lanner. SJ Bayard in a Ryo. SJ duelist was the presiding officer. 

Anatres Eleven then took on SJ duelist in the simmering heat of Mirage. Antares Eleven took an Osiris. Lights were the fashionable choice. SJ duelist took a Soli.  SJ Proxema was the presiding officer. 

Antares Eleven concluded his trial again on the frozen grounds of Alshain against SJ Pabst Can. The heavy weight class restricted the warriors. Antares Eleven took an Oro. SJ Pabst Can countered this with an Avatar. SJ duelist was the presiding officer. 


Antares fell duelist but fell to SJ Bayard and SJ Pabst Can.


We are proud to welcome Antares Eleven to SJ. He has displayed his mastery playing alongside us in the Chaos March. I know him to be a skilled pilot as evidenced by his performance in his trial. I congratulate you, Antares Eleven. Enjoy the moment with your fellow team members. But be ever ready for the jaguar never sleeps. 

SJ Pabst Can stopped by Saturday morning for some public games with SJ duelsit. SJ Vic Viper, SJ Bayard, and SJ duelist took part in Chaos March Saturday. SJ Bayard and SJ duelist took on WR Saturday night. See the earlier post.  SJ Proxema, SJ Bayard, SJ Vic VIper, and SJ duelist participated in the event Sunday. SJ Red joined us for some late night gaming Sunday night. Next SJ play opportunity is Saturday June 21 in the Chaos March. Thanks to everyone for playing!


Our team in Chaos March won on Zoetemeer, tied on Seaport, lost on Deathvalley, won on Highland, lost on River, and lost on Savanapro. The planet attack fell just short in an epic match on the final map. We "won" on the first map of the next campaign on Taiga. But the other team had map issues so we get to win it again Saturday :) WR defeated SJ in the 2v2.