So we are participating in the Chaos March on weekends. Then we are just trying to meet up on teamspeak and play on the public servers. We got Pabstcan entrance trial done and I will link to that if the video is still available. Congrats on passing the trial Pabst! We meetup at teamspeak or Should be some more activities coming soon. 



Hello fellow Jaguars,

We are seeking feedback on some proposed ideas for the Chaos March. Post in this thread: Link


Hello fellow jaguars!

The time has come to begin preparation for our return. A practice is being organized to get everyone together and work on some stuff as a group. Need to find a day and time that works for everyone. Be sure to have Teamspeak installed as that is how we are going to coordinate everything. That will happen on the community communications server at


Welcome to the new SJ home. Planning a return to MWLL and other games.