Archives are incomplete but they show SJ Proxema, SJ Vic Viper V1, SJ Rookzero, SJ Kidzin, SJ Rask666, and SJ duelist played in Chaos.


Records are very incomplete for this weekend. Chaos was played very late at night on Sunday. But archives show SJ Proxema, SJ Rishingo, SJ Phylexes, SJ Rask666, SJ Red, SJ Rookzero, and SJ duelist playing Chaos.

Records are dusty but SJ Rookzero, SJ Proxema, and SJ duelist took part in Chaos.

Records are a bit dusty but SJ Rask666, SJ SpetnazBear, SJ Proxema, and SJ Vic Viper V1 took part in Chaos at years end.

SJ Proxema, SJ Phylexes, SJ Vic Viper V1, SJ Rask666, SJ Kidzin, SJ SpetnazBear, SJ Rookzero, SJ Snow Leopard, and SJ duelist played over the weekend. We had Chaos March and 12VR matches. We conclude our Chaos battle with decisive map 6 Saturday. Did I miss someone? Sound off in the shoutbox and I'll add you!