Welcome aboard! This post will be updated soon.

Drop by at mwll.mekmaster.com to play as we defend a planet in the league.

Drop by this weekend to help Proxema defend a planet Sunday. Saturday night we have some puretech with ourselves but possibly 12VR as well. Free time? Drop by mwll.mekmaster.com teamspeak or Huntress game servers to day hi. Our turn in Chaos is a week on Sunday 26th.

SJ Chefrev,  SJ Proxema, SJ Phylexes, SJ SpetnazBear, SJ Kidzin, SJ Rask666, SJ Rishingo, and SJ duelist played Chaos. SJ Rask666 and SJ Doug battled for rank. SJ Chefrev went through an entry trial.

SJ Proxema, SJ Rookzero, SJ Vic Viper V1, SJ Phylexes, SJ Rask666, SJ SpetnazBear, SJ  Kidzin, and SJ duelist played in Chaos. Records are incomplete.