SJ Antares one had defeated SJ Rask666 the week prior to advance to point 4 Point Commander Rank. This time the opponent was Star Captain SJ Red. The fight took place in lights on TSA Frostbite.


SJ Red won.


Turn 29

Saturday April 1

Saiph Triumvirate

Sunday April 2

Capellan Commonality

Turn 30

Saturday April 8

Duchy of Small

Sunday April 9


Saturday April 15

Tikonov Task Force

Sunday April 16

Capellan Commonality

Saturday April 22

Saiph Triumvirate

Turn 31

Sunday April 23

Tikonov Task Force

Saturday April 24

Duchy of Small or Blakists

CSF and SJ battled in public terrain control matches and drops on Saturday.

The first drop was a 250 ton limit on TSA Mirage for 5 players.

The second drop was a 400 ton limit again on TSA Mirage with 5 players.

Thanks to all the CSF and SJ players that made the event fun!


SJ won both matches.


Come play with us as we look to take out a planet. Teamspeak to play.

Welcome aboard! This post will be updated soon.