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Saludos. Nice little place you have here.

So, continuing on from the late night discussion yesterday with Duelist, we'd like to do some semi-org pub rounds after Chaos March ends for the day. Every Friday and Saturday at 2100 EST (0200 GMT) the Ranger squad appears pretty regularly for some MWLL which is conveniently straight after Chaos ends. Split into SJ and 12thVR teams on TS, randoms to fill out the numbers on each side, and we play a bit like a Chaos raid, with hopefully less emphasis on victory and more on trying new stuff and messing around. Pubbers can join and do whatever, hopefully they will possess enough smarts to stick with the team lest they get vaporised going out alone.

For now, I'm thinking 41 min matches (40 + 1 for building stuff and sharing cash at the start of the game). Keep it fresh by alternating between puretech, IS vs IS and Clan vs Clan for each round. As the admins for the server you guys can choose the maps.

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Welcome to our forums, 12VR! We gladly accept your invitation to battle. The already played matches might as well count as practice. Now that we are warmed up lets see if SJ can keep up with 12VR! Its a very busy weekend for me but I am sure as hell going to make sure we fit this in! I will hopefully have my five jaguars to meet your rangers. Saturday 21 21:00 EST @ Huntress Puretech and ts ! Look forward to the battles!

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