Who are we?

SJ is a unit of pilots from Mechwarrior: Living Legends. We enjoy playing together so we are pretty laid back. But we rise to the challenge when it comes time for competitive gameplay. We play in public games throughout the week. We participate in organized gameplay on weekends.

How to Challenge SJ

Want to challenge SJ to a match? We welcome other units to communicate with us on the teamspeak at mwll.mwmaster.com. Or register for our forums and post in the diplomacy thread.

How to Join SJ

We are currently seeking qualified recruits to join our ranks. Pilots that wish to join SJ may contact any SJ officer via our game servers, teamspeak, or discord. An existing member of SJ must recommend the pilot. The pilot should have played MWLL for at least a two week period. A pilot may then add the SJ Recruit tag to their name. A pilot will remain a recruit for at least two weeks. The pilot should be active during this time. The Khan and saKhan are to be informed of any new recruits. The Khan or saKhan will grant entry trials to recruits that are determined to be ready to become full members. Pilots may optionally declare as air, infantry, or tank specialists during an entry trial. The recruit would face oppoenents specifically in the specialization class.

SJ Entry Trial Format

A warrior that wishes to enter SJ is granted recruit status. Warriors receive training alongside SJ until they feel ready for an entrance trial. A recruit is matched against three existing members in succession. The recruit takes assault class unless they wish to utilize a lower class. Then the final opponent is heavy class. The default opposition is light class, medium class, and assault class. The map is chosen by the first opponent. The recruit does not repair or reload ammo. The trial is a success if the recruit defeats at least the light class. Further victories increase the rank of the incoming member. The recruit rebuilds the asset and plays all three rounds even if they are defeated. A recruit may attempt an entry trial once per week until passing the test.

Interested in joining SJ? Contact us on our forums, teamspeak, or discord.

Our teamspeak server: mwll.mekmaster.com

Teamspeak can be downloaded for free at http://teamspeak.com/downloads

Our discord server: https://discord.gg/3GUvAHC

How to install MWLL

Need to install MWLL? Checkout the official site to grab the download http://mechlivinglegends.net . Detailed steps can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/wiki/guides/install

Rank Trials

SJ members may challenge for a higher rank against members in their own star. The defending members is to be notified via the SJ forums with a post initiating the challenge. Trials should take place within two weeks of the notification. A rank may be forfeited if challenges are not met by decision of the saKhan. A trial may take place at any time both members agree to combat. The challenger chooses heads or tails on a coin flip administered by an SJ officer. The winner chooses the weight class for the trial. The loser chooses the map for the trial. An SJ officer of Star Commander rank or higher is required to administer the trial. The trial shall have no unreasonable time limit. Any ground asset in the weight class is eligible for use. The trial must be recorded and sent to the saKhan for verification. An SJ member may trial for rank once per week. Trials for ranks above Star Commander require saKhan or Khan approval before commencing.

SJ Active Competition Roster

Pilots belonging to our events team. The following list represents our active pilots ready for participation in challenges or events.

~SJ~ Proxema (commander)

~SJ~ Spetsnazbear

~SJ~ Rookzero

~SJ~ Phylex

~SJ~ duelist



Pilots in our stars play frequently enough to be considered active. The groups are our main organizational bodies.

Binary Commander

~SJ~ Proxema

The 1st "Mostly Heartless"

~SJ~ Duelist (commander)

~SJ~ GrimAvenger

~SJ~ Spetnaszbear

~SJ~ Crushlibs

~SJ~ NetraCuyanKyram

~SJ~ Rookzero

~SJ~ Phylex

~SJ~ Joey

~SJ~ Red

~SJ~ Firehound

~SJ~ Rishingo

~SJ~ Architect

SJ Structure and Ranks

Note not all pilots are active in the following list. Please see stars section for active, available pilots.

~SJ~ Clan Council

~SJ~ Vic Viper V1

~SJ~ Red

~SJ~ Phylex

~SJ~ Proxema

~SJ~ duelist

~SJ~ Lore Master

~SJ~ Red

~SJ~ Oath Master

~SJ~ Dashfire61 (retired)

~SJ~ Khan

~SJ~ Vic Viper V1

~SJ~ saKhan

~SJ~ duelist

~SJ~ Galaxy Commander

~SJ~ Proxema

~SJ~ Star Colonel

~SJ~ Rookzero

~SJ~ Star Captain

~SJ~ Phylex

~SJ~ Kidzin

~SJ~ Star Commander

~SJ~ Point Commander

~SJ~ Shirtyscarab554

~SJ~ Firehound

~SJ~ SpetnazBear

~SJ~ GrimAvenger93

~SJ~ Shirtyscarab554

~SJ~ Rishingo

~SJ Kinray

~SJ~ Mr Cuttlefish

~SJ~ Architect

The 5th "Reserves Boneyard"

Our inactive list of pilots. Rank and membership in SJ are not revoked.  Rank point commander unless otherwise noted.

~SJ~ Firehound

~SJ~ Kidzin

~SJ~ Templar

~SJ~ Chefrev

~SJ~ Kinray

~SJ~ Rask666 (retired)

~SJ~ Mr. Cuttlefish

~SJ~ AntaresOne

~SJ~ Dashfire61 (star commander)

~SJ~ Evan20k (retired)

~SJ~ Carbonel (retired) (star commander)

~SJ~ Snow Leopard


~SJ~ Blasto

~SJ~ Grabacr

~SJ~ Yeti (retired)

~SJ~ Madcat

~SJ~ Donner

~SJ~ Veritas

~SJ~ Mitigator

~SJ~ GhostNial

~SJ~ Xarg Talasko

~SJ~ Bayard (retired)

 ~SJ~ Null (galaxy commander, council member, retired)


We are in no way associated, connected, or endorsed by Mechwarrior Living Legends or Wandering Samurai. This is a fan made site for a unit that happens to play the game.