SJ conducted an entry trial for cadet Architect this past Saturday. The pilot was sponsored by SJ Proxema for the trial. Architect needed to defeat at least one SJ pilot to win the trial. SJ Joey was the first opponent in a Cougar F. SJ Phylex followed in a Bushwacker F. Finally, SJ Proxema finished in an Argus E. The pilots provided advice on tactics before the trial began. Architect trialed in a Madcat G.


Vs Joey

Vs Phylex

Vs Proxema

The battle (spoilers ahead)


resulted in a victory over SJ Joey, a loss to SJ Phylex, and a victory over SJ Proxema. Architect moves from a cadet to a full SJ member with a rank of Point Commander 1. Welcome to the unit, Architect! Be ready as the jaguar never sleeps!