Evan20K came to MWLL during the population boom in September. I quickly identified Evan20K as a good fit for an SJ recruit. SJ Vic Viper V1 agreed and we invited Evan to join as an SJ Recruit. Evan thought it over for a few days before accepting. He spent the next two weeks quickly adapting to MWLL. He came prepared for the entrance trial after Vic and I approved the trial request. Evan20K faced SJ Kinray, SJ Vic Viper V1, SJ Proxema, and SJ duelist as his opponents. Evan chose the standard assault class mech. SJ Kinray chose the map SA Coliseum but TSA Glory was used due to some technical issues. Evan piloted a Dasihi against the three opponents in light, medium and heavy classes. His mech would not repair or reload ammo between the fights. Evan defeated SJ Kinray to earn the right to join SJ as a full member. Evan20k enters as a Point Commander Rank 4. He is assigned to the 4th Fighting Mongooses under the command of SJ Carbonel. Evan20k ended the trial facing me in a trial of review mirror match in fresh Daishi mechs. Be sure to enjoy your success, SJ Evan20K. But be ever ready as the jaguar never sleeps!

Battle 1 vs SJ Kinray Light Class


Battle 2 vs SJ Khan Vic Viper V1 Medium Class


Battle 3 vs SJ Proxema Heavy Class


Battle 4 Trial of Review vs SJ SaKhan duelist



Evan won battle 1, 2, and 4.