Ok Jaguars. 7v7 team based TC Oranized battles in a tournament setting. We are signed up and ready to go. We play the other 6 teams this weekend in a round robin format. We play a single TC game for 45 minutes and 500 tickets. Times are 20;00 UTC- 0:00 UTC this Saturday the 7th and 20:00 UTC - 23:00 UTC this Sunday. I am taking our seven most competitive players if possible. But I will also take the seven players that show up. Teamspeak mwll.mekmaster.com to play. I am allowed to rotate some players so drop by to watch and a chance to play. We get assigned a seeding for the weekend of 14-15 based on our performance. We then are in a playoff in a best 2 of 3 TC against a seed. I think it is single or double elimination for seeding.

I have given consideration to our team based upon skill and availability. The sheer number of battles means that we will use our backups and I am fully open to any SJ member playing if a spot opens up. Some players may not make it, some may need breaks, etc. The tournament alllows 2 offical substitues, but based on experience in prior events, we can likely sub in any available SJ member.

Our Team (if possible)

SJ Proxema (drop commander)

SJ Carbonel

SJ Rookzero

SJ Evan20k

SJ Templar

SJ Rask666

SJ duelist (Tournament/Team Representative)

Backups (i cannot reasonbly expect everyone to play all 6 hours)

SJ Kyro

SJ Viper

SJ Kidzin

SJ Phylex

Further Backups

Any available SJ

Our Schedule and opponents:

Team Oceanic 20:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC Saturday

Vegetarian Vindicators (12VR) 21:00 UTC Saturday

100% Konglords 22:00 UTC Saturday

LCAF 23:00 UTC Saturday

Wolverines Rebirth 20:00 UTC Sunday

Lake Blooming Bastards 21:00 UTC Sunday

Hungbois 22:00 UTC Sunday

More info here:


Contact me if you cannot make it or do not want to play. Advertise this around our unit so we can make sure we have enough players on hand.  Once again I am open to letting any Jaguar participate so long as their is room at the time of the match. Good luck and let us see how we do!