saKhan duelist is in the process of realigning the SJ stars. SJ Dahfire61 was reassigned from the 4th to the 1st star Mostly Heartless. SJ Kinray was assigned to the 4th star Flying Mongooses. SJ Kinray returned to MWLL recently. SJ Kinray was part of the old SJ. Be sure to say hi if you see Kinray around. SJ Recruit Evan20k was assigne to the 2nd Star Riders of the Salt for training under the leadership of SJ Kidzin. SJ Recuirt Evan20k is eligible for an entrance trial beginning Sunday 9 October pending approval from the SJ Leadership. The Riders of Salt are charged with ensuring Evan20k is ready for the trial by providing support while tranining in MWLL. Don't forget the Clan Bash this Saturday jaguars! Hopefully we have other untis to play against.