A number of warriors battled for rank this past weekend.  SJ duelist presided over all trials.

SJ Rask666 battled SJ Carbonel for Point Commander Rank 4. Victor goes to point 4 while loser falls to rank 2. Battle took place on TSA Jungle in heavies.


SJ Phylex battled SJ Proxema for Star Colonel. SJ Proxema, a Galaxy Commander, would not rise or fall in rank. SJ Phylex would beocme Star Colonel, up from Star Captain, with a victory. Battle was on TSA Thunderrift in mediums.


We closed the night on two non-rank trials.

SJ Rookzero battled SJ duelist in lights on TSA Jungle:


SJ Rookzero and guest thatonetemplar battled SJ Rask666, SJ Mitigator, and SJ duelist in a take anything match on TSA Jungle.



SJ Rask666 and SJ Proxema won the rank trials. SJ Rookzero defeated SJ duelist. Team duelist won the nightcap.