SJ practiced on Sunday April 9. SJ Red, SJ AntaresOne, SJ Rookzero, SJ ChefRev, SJ Carbonel, SJ duelist were present. 12VR Rickhunter joined us for some of the battles.

SJ duelist set the battle environment to TC Veiled Thunder. Each team was asssigned a Catapult C, Raven Prime, and Osiris F.

The next battle involved 7 players. One team was given a Madcat MKII C, Raven Prime, and Osiris F. The other team was given Harasser F, Solitaire A, Osiris F, and Catapult C.

The final (alebit first but longest) battle took place on TSA Mirage with Madcat E, Ryoken A, and Osiris F.

Thanks to all the players who took part.